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TL;DR: 20 years of writing & content experience

I'm a California native, former surf instructor, and very left-handed travel and fiction writer with 150k+ views here on Medium. For 20 years, my former day job has been content management creation, and strategy for numerous travel, health, animation & video, and lifestyle brands. I've worked for a lot of companies, and I learned a ton from each one.

These days I mostly write about the benefits of slow travel, how to freelance like it's a real job, and the occasional piece about relationships. Range is all the rage.

Recent Work (updated 2022)

* Experience California (2022) — Lonely Planet. I wrote the L.A., Orange County, and San Diego chapters. I've got some recommendations if you're heading to SoCal.

* Content Manager: Slow Growth Academy and Matt D'Avella (director of the Netflix documentary, The Minimalists, and a YouTuber 3M+ subscribers). I created and scheduled weekly blog posts, scripts, videos, social, and newsletter content for massive audience of motivated self-development fans and creative entrepreneurs. Super educational deep dive into community building, education, and motivational content. Loved it.

* I also run Days We Spend (3.2k subscribers), a travel and nomadic lifestyle YouTube channel with my wife. We even built a mini RV in our Honda Element.


Instagram: @myleftyscissors

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Shawn Forno

Shawn Forno

A very left-handed writer | YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DaysWeSpend | Lonely Planet, Matt D’Avella, The Startup, MindCafe, Writer’s Cooperative